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Publishing Process

We can manage the whole publishing process for you - from editorial and design to delivering your final publication. We understand that every publication is different - and crucially we know that every company and situation is different as well. So we provide a service which suits you and reduces your workload. So we can do everything, or just help you with the parts of the process you don't want to do. More info


Graphic Design

Our designers can help your publication look professional whilst reducing your workload. They can provide a new design for your publication which suits the message and the image you want to convey. Our service is flexible so you can do as much of the process as you want to do. You can do all the design, you can lay it out and we can finish it off or we can do the whole thing from scratch. Our designers will listen to you and will give you all the opportunities to make changes until you are happy with the end result. More Info



We can help you will the content of your Newspaper, Magazine or Book. We can also help you look at the purpose of the publication to enable you to draw up guidelines and terms of reference so that the publication is clear on what it is trying to communicate. This can help you decide who you are communicating with, how best to design the publication and the style of your writing. We can give you access to libraries of editorial and images to help you communicate your message easily and professionally. More Info


Distribution and Delivery

From managing a distribution list to the delivery of the publication - we can provide this service for you or give you the tools to manage your information yourself. We can advise you on the best options to reduce the costs, whilst ensuring you still have a reliable distribution service. Our distribution systems allow you to have complete control over all the deliveries for your publication. More Info

Advertising & Finances

Finances, Advertising and Sponsorship

Managing the finances of a publication and knowing what costs to expect can seem daunting. However, we can guide you through this and reduce your printing and distribution costs. We can also discuss the options of putting advertising in your publication and we can find new advertisers and invoice them so it reduces your costs with minimal effort on your part. We can also ensure that you get chance to check each publication before it goes to print so the advertising is appropriate and reflects your message. More Info

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